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Kidney Foundation Upset by Paddy Power Online Casino Ad

Posted on 05 August 2012 by admin

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Paddy Power, the popular Irish sports betting and online casino group, managed to offend transplant patients and kidney donors recently and once again became the unpopular group in the industry because of another Paddy Power advertisement.

Paddy Power launched a radio ad in April of this year during which it stated that a Paddy Power fan, Jack Cooper, had left a post on Paddy Power’s Facebook wall in which he used a kidney as a bargaining chip for a “decent offer”. In the radio ad instead of using the usual reference “I’d give my right arm…” Paddy Power’s Facebook wall reads “I’ll give you anything for a decent offer Paddy”. “We hear you Jack”. “Anything eh?”, “Well just chuck us a kidney and in return we’ll give you….this beauty for the golf”. The ad ended with the words “Bet online or on your Paddy Power mobile app and good luck with the dialysis. We hear you Jack Cooper”.

After having received complaints from the Kidney Wales Foundation as well as 26 members of the public the Advertising Standards Authority scrutinized the ad this week and this time found in favor of the bookmaker. The Advertising Standards Authority felt that the ad has a humorous tone and despite the fact that the phrase “exchanging a kidney” is not as well known as “give my right arm” it would be understood to be an extension of that phrase within the content of Paddy Power’s ad.

According to Paddy Power online casino, the ad was not intended to cause offence and was clearly based on humor.

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